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Information for Employers

Host organizations must be domestic non-profits, public service, or government agencies and be willing to mentor Community Service Fellows (CSF) during the summer. 

  • Qualified organizations interested in seeking a summer CSF should post their positions on CREATE, the GSD’s curated job portal.  January is an ideal time to begin your search for a candidate.

  • Internships who qualify as possible CSF hosts will be designated in CREATE as CSFP eligible.

  • Once a student is hired by your organization, the student should apply for CSFP.  Awards are limited. Student applicants are not guaranteed funding. Summer Fellows must be Current GSD students committed to attending classes post-fellowship. Students who are on a leave of absence, or planning to take a leave of absence in the fall after the summer experience, will not be considered.

  • The host organization does not consider the work being completed as employment but will provide the Fellow opportunities for meaningful learning and professional development.

  • The host organization will offer an educational, mentoring opportunity that may be project-based.

  • Hosts should adhere to the labor laws of their state and federal guidelines regarding internships at a non-profit, public service, or government agency.

  • The Fellow and the Host Organization will be provided with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and agreement with Harvard, before the start of the Fellowship.

  • Paid or unpaid experiences can be proposed. Priority for funding will be given to students in unpaid roles. It is recommended, if at all possible, to offer payment to interns, should they not be awarded monies via Harvard allowing all students, regardless of economic status to take part in meaningful summer experiences.

  • Host organizations may pay these individuals directly as employees, in which case the scope of work and expectations would be different, and the student would not necessarily receive a fellowship from Harvard. 

  • Any payments from Harvard would be considered a living allowance to cover temporary relocation or other living expenses.

Already have a student interested in spending ten weeks with your organization? Great! We welcome and encourage new organizations to join us! Organizations without an active job description on CREATE, should work in conjunction with the student to prepare a job description outlining the duties and outcomes of the role. Students are required to submit a job description as part of their application for funding.

CREATE guides organizations on how to develop a successful internship description for this program. The Career Services team is happy to assist you in this process and can be reached at

For information on what to include in the internship description, please use this PDF:

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